Regal Luxury Pet Bed

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All Fabric

Various colours and designs available

Lucky pet
Lucky pet
Lucky Pet,
Lucky pet


(All Fabric)

The Regal Pet Bed offers both support and comfort. The sides walls are high enough to protect pets from drafts whilst also strong enough for pets to rest their head in comfort.
Due to the quality of the foam used, the Regal Bed will wash and wash and still offer support, making this bed a firm favourite with both customer and Pet! The cushion is removable and reversible. Our beds have non-slip bases and are fully washable at 30°C.


Width: 41cm x Length: 39cm x Height: 16cm, Size: No.1
Width: 50cm x Length: 46cm x Height: 19cm, Size: No.2
Width: 57cm x Length: 50cm x Height: 22cm, Size: No.3
Width: 70cm x Length: 57cm x Height: 23cm, Size: No.4
Width: 81cm x Length: 65cm x Height: 26cm, Size: No.5
Width: 97cm x Length: 70cm x Height: 29cm, Size: No.6
Width: 107 cm x Length: 89cm x Height: 32cm, Size: No.7




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