Liner Luxury Cushion

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Various colour and designs available

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Lucky pet
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The Luxury liner cushion is perfect for going inside plastic dog bed to give a soft warm comfortable feel to a hard bed. A Fluffy anti ball polyester liner cushion, fabric both sides for a cooler feel.All our beds are fully washable at 30°C.


Width: 44cm x Length: 29cm x Height: 10cm, Size: No.1
Width: 49cm x Length: 31cm x Height: 12cm, Size: No.2
Width: 56cm x Length: 36cm x Height: 14cm, Size: No.3
Width: 66cm x Length: 42cm x Height: 14cm, Size: No.4
Width: 76cm x Length: 53cm x Height: 15cm, Size: No.5
Width: 79cm x Length: 54cm x Height: 15cm, Size: No.6
Width: 84cm x Length: 59cm x Height: 15cm, Size: No.7
Width: 91cm x Length: 62cm x Height: 18cm, Size: No.8
Width: 118cm x Length: 74cm x Height: 23cm, Size: No.9


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