Yuppy Luxury Bed

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All Fabric

Various colours and designs available

Lucky pet
Lucky pet
Lucky pet
Lucky pet


(All Fabric)

The yuppy bed is a “lucky pet” original, a cushion style bed offering comfort and warmth, due to the polyester anti call filling.
Size 1 to 3 have an attached cushion, size 4 to 6 have a removable cushion & is also reversible
Our beds have non-slip bases and are fully washable at 30°C.


Width: 51cm x Length: 46cm x Height: 15cm, Size: No.1
Width: 64cm x Length: 56cm x Height: 18cm, Size: No.2
Width: 76cm x Length: 61cm x Height: 20cm, Size: No.3
Width: 84cm x Length: 74cm x Height: 23cm, Size: No.4
Width: 99cm x Length: 82cm x Height: 26cm, Size: No.5
Width: 130cm x Length: 99cm x Height: 26cm, Size: No.6


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