Nylon Luxury Dog Coat

£ 14.40£ 40.05

Nylon / Fur

Various colours and designs available

Lucky pet


(Nylon and Fur Lined)

The Luxury Dog Coat is perfect for short haired and older dogs, Keeping them dry in the rain with its Nylon top and keeping them warm with its fur lining.

A Nylon pet coat designed for easy fitting and removal, with adjustable straps and quick action side release connector.


Neck to Tail: 21cm, Size: No.1
Neck to Tail: 24cm, Size: No.2
Neck to Tail: 30cm, Size: No.3
Neck to Tail: 36cm, Size: No.4
Neck to Tail: 40cm, Size: No.5
Neck to Tail: 46cm, Size: No.6
Neck to Tail: 53cm, Size: No.7
Neck to Tail: 56cm, Size: No.8
Neck to Tail: 60cm, Size: No.9
Neck to Tail: 67cm, Size: No.10


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