Softy Superior Pet Bed

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Deluxe Fur / Suede

Various colours and designs available

Lucky pet
Lucky pet
Lucky pet
Lucky pet


(Deluxe Fur / Suede)

All the support and comfort of our Luxury Softy Bed with the addition of Superior finishes. Deluxe soft fur with suede lining, the cushion is also reversible. Our beds have non-slip bases and are fully washable at 30°C.


Width: 40cm x Length: 40cm x Height: 20cm, Size: No.1
Width: 54cm x Length: 48cm x Height: 24cm, Size: No.2
Width: 64cm x Length: 58cm x Height: 24cm, Size: No.3
Width: 77cm x Length: 66cm x Height: 28cm, Size: No.4
Width: 93cm x Length: 70cm x Height: 30cm, Size: No.5
Width: 98cm x Length: 76cm x Height: 34cm, Size: No.6


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