Duvet Superior

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Deluxe Fur

Various colours and designs available

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Deluxe fur / zip off cover

The Superior Duvet is a very comfortable deep duvet filled with anti ball virgin polyester filling with buttons to hold it in place.

This duvet comes with a removable cover, water resistant non slip base, and a fluffy inner which can also be washed along with the cover.

All our beds are fully washable at 30°C.


Width: 63cm x Length: 51cm x Height: 9cm, Size: No.1
Width: 81cm x Length: 61cm x Height: 12cm, Size: No.2
Width: 101cm x Length: 66cm x Height: 14cm, Size: No.3
Width: 122cm x Length: 81cm x Height: 16cm, Size: No.4
Width: 134cm x Length: 86cm x Height: 18cm, Size: No.5


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